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Scouting Services

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Available all over the world.


Winning Ways pro international Inc. is available for scouting services all over the world.


  1. Does your organization know of a player they would like to scout, but they are on the other side of the world?
  2. Does your team want to scout out their competition for your next game?


If so, Winning Ways Pro can help. WWPI will send our experienced and qualified staff anywhere in the world to scout out teams or individuals for your organization. Receive detailed scouting reports on individuals players and information on entire team.


WWPI will give your organization the edge over the competition. Barry Mestel, WWPI President and Director of Scouting, has been scouting professional and collegiate basketball players for over 20 years. His vast knowledge of scouting will ensure you the type of detailed report to be most beneficial to your organization's needs.


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