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Pro Advantage Training



Do you want to elevate your quality of play? Are you or your team aspiring to get to the Pro level?

If so, consider participating in a Pro Advantage Training Package.


Training Package include


    1. On court training
    2. Pro testing packages
    3. Filmed and put on our website
    4. Individual players evaluations
    5. Posted on our website
    6. Sent out in a global email blast
    7. Athletic body analysis with a wellness profile


Training is conducted by Winning Ways Pro International President and CEO Barry Mestel, Scott Adubato, one of the nation's best coaches and for more position specific training there is Brandon Hunter and Brittany Campbell.


Barry Mestel - In adition to being former high school and collage player and coach. Barry Mestel has over 12 years of experience directing pro combines and evaluations camps. He is a professional shooting instructor, an NBA & CBA professional scout and head coach of the Orlando Venom, and International Basketball League team. Mestel has over 25 years of basketball experience and is nationally and internationally recognized for his excellence in training and coaching players.



Scott Adubato - Scott Adubato is one of basketball's most respected instructors of individuals player development. Over his 24-years coaching career, Adubato has provided individual instructions to numerous active and formers professional players at all levels of the game. He is former assistant coach to the Memphis Grizzlies and most recently, was and assistant coach at Senton Hall University. Adubato has also scouted for the Dallas Mavericks, Orlando magic, New York Liberty and Los Angeles Clippers.


Brittany Campbell - After a great high school career and collegiate career, Brittany went straight into training and coaching at the high school, college and professional levels. With over 10 years of coaching/training experience, Brittany takes post play to another level.



Brandon Hunter - After a stellar collegiate career, Brandon went on to play in the NBA and currently is playing in a Top Division overseas. He know what it takes to play at the professional level and who will be an asset to our Pro Advantage Training Team.







Coach Barry is seen here teaching the proper form of shooting while Coach Kristi is going of the nutrional plan with an athlete!








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