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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Winning Ways Pro International Combine and how do teams use the results?


A. Winning Ways Pro International's Pro Basketball Combines are a special environment where male and female basketball players are tested, measured, scouted and evaluated. The data that is collected is shared with ALL professional basketball teams around the world.


The format of the Pro Basketball Combine is designed to give each participant the maximum opportunity to demonstrate their basketball skills and enable the staff to obtain a thorough "snapshot" of each player's current abilities. The drills, measurements, games and resulting data and film provide players and teams with a standardized format within which to compare individual player results.

Q. How does a player benefit from attending a Winning Ways Pro International Pro Basketball Combine?


A. There are a myriad of benefits for players

  1. Increased Exposure- Regardless of a player's talent level and basketball background/experience, it is a team's AWARENESS of that player that will put them on a team's short List of potential signers Attendance at an Winning Ways Pro International Pro Basketball Combine is the Lest way to ensure that a player's COMPLETE and professional basketball resume is in front of the key decision makers for the entire professional basketball community. Winning Ways Pro International has assisted players from NCAA Division I, II, lii, NAIA., NCCAA and Junior College programs in reaching professional status.
  2. Professional Evaluation - Winning Ways Pro International's President and Director of Player Evaluations is Barry Mestet, a professional NBA and CBA scout. He is also a WNBA consultant. Barrys written evaluations on each combine participant are based upon his years of professional basketball, talent scouting and evaluation. Barry is assisted at each combine by an experienced professional staff of coaches and evaluators.
  3. Credibility - Winning Ways Pro I international and its staff have years of credible experience in professional basketball. Basketball coaches and scouts from around the world have come to rely on the accuracy they can expect from Winning Ways Pro International and that credibility';.y is the foundation of the reports we generate on each Combine participant. When a team reviews a report generated by Winning Ways Pro International, it can be assured that the data and evaluations are of the highest professional quality and accuracy. Since Winning Ways Pro International does not directly represent any basketball players, we are in a position to be unbiased in our reports, an element key to teams and scouts receiving our data.
  4. 12-Month Exposure -Pro Basketball:ball Combine participants have their combine and career data housed on the Winning Ways Pro International web site, allowing professional teams around the world, the ability to search online, 24 hours a day, for players to fill their roster openings. We are also available to talk with teams and agents on the behalf of players, and do so on a regular basis.
  5. Worldwide Data Sharing - Unlike team, league or agent-sponsored free agent camps, Winning Ways Pro International's Pro Basketball Combines make player data from our events available to every professional basketball team in the world.
  6. Past Success - While our Pro Basketball Combines are fairly new, the Winning Ways Pro International staff has been he ping players of all talent levels secure professional playing offers from teams around the world for over 15 years. Our marketing efforts have aided players with and without agents secure offers from teams in the NBA, NBDL, CBA, USBL, IBA, UBA, ABA, EBA, Harlem Globetrotters, Harlem Ambassadors, and Washington Generals. As well as Europe, Asia, South America, the Middle East, and Australia.

Q. What are my chances of getting a pro contract after I participate in a Winning Ways Pro International Pro Basketball Combine

A. The primary objective behind the development of the Winning Ways Pro International Pro Basketball Combines was to provide players with the "complete package" for obtaining a pro basketball playing contract. Our events are designed to give the players the critical tools they and/or their agent need to thoroughly market themselves for playing opportunities, including video, scouting report, player profile and educational knowledge of the industry itself. In addition to the comprehensive player resume/evaluation and availability of game film posted online, Winning Ways Pro International uploads the player profiles to the Winning Ways Pro International web site, and monitors I:he international and domestic transaction wires and submits player profiles for consideration, where appropriate.

Q. How do I get to participate in a Winning Ways Pro International Pro Open Basketball Combine?


A. The application process is started by completing an official application and submitting it to Winning Ways Pro International with I he registration fee; either online or via fax or mail. Additional materials (video, clippings; etc.) may be submitted as support, but they are not required, nor will they be returned, so do not send originals. Each applicant will be accepted for entry to our open combines regardless of past experience or qualifications.

Q. How do I get to participate in a Winning Ways Pro International Pro Invitational Basketball Combine?

A. The application process is started by completing an official application and submitting it to Winning Ways Pro International with he registration fee; either online or via fax or mail. WWPI's invitational combines have a very strict entry process. Players will only be accepted based on an invitation from WWPI or past professional playing experience in Europe or higher leagues in South America, the Middle East or Australia. Players are welcome to submit their application without an invitation or without past professional playing experience, and WWPI will review the application for acceptance. Any player not accepted to on of our invitational combines, will have a choice to attend on of our open combines that same year.

Q. Are all applicants accepted into a Pro Basketball Combine?


A. No. Each Pro Basketball Combine has a limited number of r)openings to ensure that each player receives the maximum exposure. All applicants that apply for an open combine will be accepted until the openings of available is filled Each applicant that applies for an invitational combine will be put through a screening process for acceptance.


Q. When is the registration deadline?


A. The combines and camps are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. We encourage players to register early, to ensure their acceptance. Please see each event's page for registration deadlines.


Q. How wilt I know that I will be given enough of a chance to demonstrate my skills at the event and be thoroughly evaluated?

A. Each Winning Ways Pro International Pro Basketball Combine has a maximum number of player openings to ensure that each player will get maximum playing time in games and drills.

Q. Are there pro scouts at Winning Way. Pro International Pro Basketball Combines?


A. Yes. Winning Ways Pro International:5_ President/CEO, Barry Mestel, is an NBA and CBA scout. He is also a WNBA consultant. He is responsible for the final written evaluation of every Pro Basketball Combine participant, based upon live and video observation. In the past, we have had scouts, coaches and agents representing both domestic leagues and teams, for men and women. Each combine will differ in attendance of these representatives. Please see each event's page for more details on who will be in attendance.

Q. What pro teams and leagues receive Winning Ways Pro International Pro Basketball Combine player data?

A. Every professional team in the world has access to our online database of profiles. International and domestic agents, scouts and coaches visit our site daily to review player profiles.

Q. Will I receive a copy of my individual results?


A. Yes. Each player can access their complete player profile and scouting report through Winning Ways Pro International's web site.

Q. How will I know if teams want to sign me after I attend a Winning Ways Pro International Pro Basketball Combine?

A. Teams with an interest in a specific player will often contact our office for additional information and references. Our staff is available year-round to answer requests for additional data, references or video. As soon as a team contacts us, we notify the specific player to alert them of the interest, and pass along pertinent information to them or their agent. Since your contact information is included in your player profile on our web site, teams, scouts and agents will be able to contact you and/or your agent directly.

Q. May I bring anyone with me to the Winning Ways Pro International Pro Basketball Combine?

A. Yes. Players are permitted to bring family)/ members, spouses and agents. However, keep in mind that this event is similar to a job interview and you need to be focused on basketball throughout the weekend. We suggest bringing a limited number of guests, to keep the atmosphere as professional as possible. At select events, guest passes will be made available for a nominal fee. Space in the facilities for spectators is limited.

Q. What accommodations and transportation are available?


A. Winning Ways Pro International has selected local hotels with group rates for participants. Players, guests, agents, scouts and coaches are all eligible for these discounted rates. You must contact the hotels individually to make reservations. Be sure to ask for the discounted Winning Ways Pro International Rate, Players and officials are responsible for all of their own transportation, housing and meals, unless otherwise noted on each event's page on the WWPI website Transportation to and from the host hotel and facility will be available at select events.

Q. Where do the combines, training sessions, and camps take place?


A. Winning Ways Pro International utilizes numerous facilities around the globe for the combines, training sessions and camps. For directions and addresses to these facilities, visit each camps' information page.

Q. When should I plan on arriving and leaving for the Pro Basketball Combine?


A. Please see each event's page on the WWPI website for more information. Make your travel arrangements accordingly, so that you do not miss any of the combine.

Q. Must I have an agent in order to attend a Winning Ways Pro International Pro Basketball Combine?

A. No. Over half of the players attending our Pro Basketball Combines do not have representation. In many instances, the fresh information and film obtained at the Combine will give players the tools they need to give to potential agents.

Q. How can I find an agent that will be best for me and my career goals?


A. The only leagues that certify agents are the NBA (men) and WNBA (women), but if you are not playing in the NBA or WNBA, you do not necessarily need a certified agent. In other words, there are non-certified agents who are more than qualified to represent non-NBA or non-WNBA players. In fact, many non-NBA and non-WNBA certified agents specialize in placing players overseas exclusively, and if that is were your talents are leading you, that may be the type of representation you need. While we do not directly represent players, Winning Ways Pro International can assist many players in finding representation that is best suited to their talent Level and career goals.


Q. Should I attend individual team free agent tryout camps?

A. Most minor league teams hold open free agent tryout camps. These events typically charge a fee where an unlimited number of players audition for one or few roster spots. There are no evaluations produced, no video taken, and players not asked to veterans camp have nothing to show for their monetary or time investment. Between registration fees and travel expenses, it would cost a player thousands of dollars to attend EVERY minor league basketball team's free agent camp in a year. For one tow registration fee, the Winning Ways Pro International Pro Basketball Combine will have your data made available to every professional team in the USA and available for worldwide access, through our web site.

Q. What is the Pro Basketball Seminar?


A. On the Saturday evening of each combine, Winning Ways Pro International will hold an informational seminar on pursuing a pro basketball career. Presentations will be made on obtaining the necessary documentation, passports, dealing with agents and professional teams and scouts. Participants will receive comprehensive handouts on preparing for their professional basketball career and valuable information on self-marketing, resources and the professional basketball industry in general. This event teaches players how to be successful both on and off the court.
No other event of this kind provides players with the educational foundation necessary in order to make the leap from amateur to professional basketball player.

Q. What is the Pro Player Development Day & when does it take place?


A. The Pro Player Development Day takes place the first day of each combine. The Pro Player Development Day gives the players that attend a chance to become more familiar with our staff, the rules and regulations of international basketball, and our facility before the combine starts. This day will consist of individual and group drills, full court and half court games, one on one time with our staff, and valuable information pertaining to the international pro game. The Pro Player Development Day is included in the combine price and attendance is expected.








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